Mural Town Square Project Rockville, Maryland

Monday 15 June 2009

J udith is currently working on a public mural for the town square project in Rockville, Maryland. The photographs show parts of the mural after they’ve been fired in a kiln and glazed. Some of these tiles may be glazed a second time, to deepen the color. Installation of the mural will start in September 2009.

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Judith Inglese grew up in New York City. From an early age she loved working with her hands and wanted to be an artist. With the encouragement of her parents, she explored various media: wood and welded sculpture, glass and metal screens and off loom tapestries. While still a teenager, she worked as a freelance toy designer for her father Frank Caplan, an early childhood educator and toy maker. Later, she designed covers for children's records.

But her love of clay, with which she played as a young child, led her to ceramic murals. Tile making was a way of working incrementally, while fabricating larger artworks that could be incorporated into public spaces and buildings.

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