RCMA Mural (detail)

Designing For The Public

J udith Inglese has been designing and fabricating ceramic murals for public environments for over twenty-five years. She finds inspiration in the terracotta material itself and in creatively connecting the murals to their physical, historical and social environments.

Her murals, which have been interior and exterior installations, ranging in size from several feet in length to as large as two hundred and thirty feet, are composed of individually crafted free-form tiles. Each tile is created in bas-relief and meticulously glazed with a variety of vibrant glazes, fitting together like a vast abstract puzzle.

Her artwork seamlessly combines pictorial representations with whimsical and abstract imagery inspired by nature, everyday life and folk art from around the world. She particularly enjoys depicting the role of creativity, imagination and discovery in the life of the child, as well as the importance of cross-cultural exchange and community. As a whole, the effect is a playful and thought-provoking work of art that encourages both visual and tactile engagement from its viewers. Humanizing harsh concrete walls, her murals transform often-bleak spaces into memorable landmarks and colorful meeting spots.

Recently, Judith has become interested in doing public art projects for small and rural communities. A ceramic mural can be a place maker and enrich and personalize the public space. It can create a sense of civic pride as well as have economic benefits, such as attracting visitors to a town. Public art can be uplifting to an underserved population.

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